Santa Fe River Preservation – Adopt-the-River

About the Santa Fe Watershed Association

The Santa Fe Watershed Association works to return the Santa Fe River to a living river, from Lake Peak to the Rio Grande, balancing human uses with natural resource protection and restoring the heart to our community.

* Our goal is to protect the long-term integrity of the Santa Fe River’s watershed.
* We engage in education, research, and on-the-ground projects of riparian and watershed restoration, as well as provide input into governmental planning, permits and projects.
* We strive to find common ground among different points of view regarding uses of the river and its watershed.
* We advocate surface and groundwater resource management that balances human use with natural resource protection.
* We encourage government and community leaders to place high priority on sustaining seasonal stream flow in the Santa Fe River, yielding hydrologic, recreational, aesthetic and environmental value to the community. We believe that this goal can coexist with providing a reasonable supply for human use.

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