An Overseas Purchase Story-From Hong Kong to Santa Fe

“Working with K.C. Martin is as good as it gets!”

Six (6) months may seem like a long time to find your dream home in Santa Fe, but not if you are conducting the search from Hong Kong on the other side of the world. That scenario is only possible when you are working with a trusted and super-competent professional broker like K.C. Martin of Sotheby’s International Realty in Santa Fe.

Our search for our Santa Fe dream home began with a phone call from K.C. Martin. K.C. had been recommended to us by a trusted relative who lived in Santa Fe. My wife and I really didn’t know much about the Santa Fe real estate market, but we loved the city after having visited our relative in 2006. During that initial phone call K.C. asked us all the right questions about the specifics of our home desires and began what would become a regular correspondence of emailing various listings of homes in a range of prices that bracketed our stated price range. Armed with these visual introductions to the variety of homes available in the Santa Fe area, an on the ground scouting trip was made to Santa Fe.

K.C. patiently toured us around Santa Fe during a three (3) day whirlwind of homes that showcased the variety of neighborhoods, price ranges and lifestyles choices that one can make in the Santa Fe real estate market. K.C. had the appointments scheduled like a general moving her troops. No time was wasted and her knowledge of all aspects of buying a home in Santa Fe was encyclopedic. The result of this first on the ground scouting trip was a firm grasp on our part of the lay of the land in Santa Fe and the realization of the type of home and property that both my wife and I could both be satisfied with…not the easiest of compromises to conclude.

Now that K.C. had her finger on our real estate dream pulse, she followed up with more emailed listings. Our correspondence became more pointed and the information K.C. supplied started to narrow our search. Another trip to Santa Fe was arranged and, as before, K.C. had a line-up of homes for us to view. The magic happened within the first hours of that second tour. K.C. opened the lock box to our dream home. My wife and both knew instantly that we had found the place we both would be happy to live in and enjoy together. Now we needed to secure the house at a price that fit our budget and arrange the fiancing…not easy for an expatriate family who had spent the past 30 years in Asia with little financial history in the USA.

Now the experience of K.C. really came to the forefront. She had contacts with everyone we would need to secure this home. K.C. put us in touch with a fantastic mortgage broker who suggested the various scenarios that we could use to finance the acquisition. Armed with this information and the knowledge of a pre-approved loan, K.C. then shepherded us through the offer process. Her knowledge of the market and what sort of offer would work in our situation was precise and with only one counteroffer we had a deal. The easy part was over and the next step was when K.C. really earned her commission.

The process of buying a home really gets complicated after the offer is accepted. The various inspections, the final mortgage approval, the negotiations with the seller for inspections issues, the arrangement to secure insurance coverage, and the title checks and the endless stream of documents that need to be reviewed initialed and signed are all daunting tasks to keep up with. Trying to complete all this work from the other side of the world in Hong Kong would have been impossible without the guiding hand and thoroughness of a professional broker like K.C. Martin. She was there holding our hands right through the closing process. I now have a deep respect for the job that a real estate broker performs and know when I have been in the presence of a great one like K.C. Martin.

My wife and I now have our dream home. The process from start to finish took six (6) months and three (3) short trips to Santa Fe. That we able to acquire and realize our dream home in Santa Fe from the distance of Hong Kong and with the awkward time zone differences between the two lands is testimony to the hard work, experience and focus of a true professional like K.C. Martin of Sotheby’s International Realty in Santa Fe. Working with K.C. Martin is as good as it gets! We would not hesitate to recommend K.C. Martin to anyone who shares our dream of acquiring a home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Stephen and Chokyi McGuinness
August, 2008